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An Introduction to Compensation Mediation & Arbitration Services

Compensation Mediation & Arbitration Services (CMAS) provides mediation, arbitration, case management, early neutral evaluation, special master, and discovery referee services throughout California in Workers' Compensation, personal injury and employment matters.

CMAS consists of highly experienced Workers' Compensation attorneys and retired judges all of whom have mediation training. Working with experienced and professionally-trained mediators, many of whom have expertise beyond workers' compensation, the parties are able to resolve complex and challenging cases.

Mediation offers an expeditious, satisfying and cost-effective method to settle Workers' Compensation and other cases and disputes without the hazards, delays, and costs of additional litigation.

In mediation, the mediator acts as a facilitator, guiding the parties to a mutually satisfactory disposition. In arbitration the arbitrator acts as a judge deciding contested issues based on evidence submitted by the parties.

You will find more information about each of the members of CMAS elsewhere on this site, and we will be adding to it from time to time with more information. We have presented to many groups the advantages of mediation and are available to talk to you and your organization. Give us a call.

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